University of Auckland

Creative Direction

iPad & iPad Pro Ready

Two birds, one app. Or something like that.

Utilize modern mobile technology to engage both students and instructors.

Thankfully, this app suite has it all. Instructor portal? Check. Admissions portal? Yes’m. How about one of those fancy FAQs, course syllabus, or interactive campus maps? Check, check, and check.

A toolset for the university ecosystem

Education. Who knew I’d be back for you? (i did.)

Education can be sexy. As a life-long learner, the amount of tools even today compared to my days are vastly engaging and integral parts of the education ecosystem. Students and Professors alike need to be able to communicate, share documents, and interact with the schools various offices.

Enter: University of Auckland. This thing is packed to the gills, with both teacher and student portals, access to the library, grade books, interactive maps, admissions help, soft-guidance in class choices – dang, if I would have had this. Developed by a worldwide team, directed from a snowstorm in the midwest.



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